Friday, March 7, 2014

Travel with Indiana Jones Part II

So I'm still looking for travelling-around-the-globe clips from the Indiana Jones movies, those interludes between scenes where the planes, boats, submarines, etc. are shown translucently over the map showing their routes.  I did a post once before showcasing an homage to those clips, along with a factoid about the incorrect geography in at least one of those travel scenes.  The best I've got so far is this clip from a Best of RiffTrax's Raiders of the Lost Ark video, from the same people who did Mystery Science Theater 3000, where they (justifiably) make fun of that scene:   

I bring this up because there is currently a Kickstarter campaign to fund the filming of the last scene needed to complete an epic shot-for-shot fanflick remake of the Raiders movie. Of course they included the travel-around-the-globe scenes and they even spoofed them in their Kickstarter video (at about the 1:30 mark):

One last thing: how could I have forgotten to post that Map Room scene from the Raiders movie?  Here it is (sorry for the obtrusive ads):

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