Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Restaurants

Why not do another cartoon by Roz Chast this week? Just because this one from The New Yorker in July of 2001 is too tiny and detailed to be legible (sorry, I couldn't get a large enough version so that even clicking on it won't help.  If anybody out there can find a larger version of this which would be legible I'd be much obliged).  I'm sure that even if it were larger, most of the restaurant jokes it contains would be missed by non-New Yorkers. And don't confuse this with Chast's "Folk Art of Midtown" which she did the previous year. It's much better labeled on The New Yorker's cartoon archive site.  But it doesn't involve a map.

This sort of insanely detailed drawing and too-much-text is very much par for the course for Roz Chast submissions to The New Yorker.  I'm guessing that this one ran on two full pages when it ran all those years ago.

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