Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ancient GPS

Dan Reynolds gives us this rather elaborate Atlas joke.  It's actually a combination of an Atlas joke, a scale joke, and a GPS jokeThis post here, another "scale" gag, is actually the most visited post on my blog, consistently logging more hits every week.  And while its concept is almost identical to what's going on in this post, I somehow doubt this post will get the same number of hits.

If ya take a look at where this Roman charioteer is pointing on his Atlas, that's in the middle of deepest Africa.  No wonder these guys are hopelessly lost.  That wasn't even part of the "known world" back then... or at least not part of the world known to the Romans.


  1. I gave a presentation at Stanford's Honors Symposium in May 2011 about how Pyramids & Stonehenge's are Ancient GPS devices. I am writing a book that also talks about how 360 degrees originated from the Pyramid of Giza and how the mile is based on the diameter of the Earth or 7 Pyramids of Giza in length. Here are my links if you are interested...

    1. That looks interesting. Good luck with the bool.