Monday, October 13, 2014

Italy kicks butt (guest post)

Hello! Guest contributor Amanda Murphyao here, interrupting your regularly scheduled Monday morning world map cartoons to bring you some more images of Italy as (of course) a boot (as well as a sock):

Clifford K. Berryman, 4-10-1922

James Berryman, 7-26-1943

James Berryman, 7-30-1953

Jan Sluijters, De Nieuwe Amsterdammer # 149, Amsterdam, 3 November 1917

Clifford Berryman, 1915

John Collins, "Christmas Sock," The Gazette (Montreal), 26 December 1940

(Forgot to grab the full size image of this one while I was at the Library of Congress, but may be useful for other researchers to have this citation.)

The Economist, 8 January 2011, page 51

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