Monday, April 8, 2013

Maps in Calvin & Hobbes 18: Repeat

Far below is the Calvin & Hobbes that I already posted a while ago but out of order.  So that you don't feel shortchanged with a rerun, first there's this: one of a set of photos somebody with the Reddit handle "nite4awk" made by setting up a scene to recreate a classic Calvin & Hobbes drawing.  Then he inserts the titular characters in the scene to recreate the drawing as a photo.  This one has a globe on the dresser that wasn't in the original drawing, from the cover of "Technological Progress Goes BOINK".  The rest in the series are here.

Ah Susie and Calvin, a relationship conflict for the ages.... and here in our next installment of maps in Calvin and Hobbes comics I'm happy to present a future for that relationship as imagined by the guys over at the (now retired) webcomic "Pants Are Overrated".  Here are the links to some comics they did imagining Calvin and Susie and Hobbes... and Bacon (get it?)

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