Saturday, April 27, 2013

No more themed schedule

I think I may be archiving too much stuff with plans for posting it later to fit into the schedule that has evolved of Two-fer Tuesday and animated map Thursday and image Friday and so forth. It's feeling too restrictive and I keep missing posts and getting behind in the arbitrary schedule as the archive/queue keeps getting ridiculously bigger and bigger. I have far more than enough in the archive so I think I'm going to give up on the schedule and theme thing and just post stuff as I find it or as it's submitted.  I'll still reserve Mondays for Amanda's submissions and of course viewer submissions get priority over everything else. But the themed schedule thing isn't doing me any favors anymore.

On that note, here's something from The Doghouse Diaries (by William Samari, Ray Yamartino, and Rafaan Anvari):

The mouseover at the original comic says: "You basically just use the Forekast phone to call some guy that knows everything that's going on"

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