Monday, December 3, 2012

New weekly feature: Maps in Calvin & Hobbes

Quite a while ago I posted an example of college-student-era Bill "Calvin & Hobbes" Watterson's editorial cartoon work. That has proven to be one of the most popular posts of this blog, currently in solid 4th place for most visits ever.  In that post I promised that I would post more map-related Calvin & Hobbes comics in the future... and then I never did.  But now, thanks to the help of the new Calvin and Hobbes search engine developed for fun by one Michael Yingling, I was able to find virtually all the map-related Calvin & Hobbes comics that exist.  So over the next several months I'll be posting one per week on Mondays for your viewing pleasure... for a regular dose of Calvin & Hobbes is pleasure indeed.

I'll do them chronologically as they appeared in newspapers.  We'll start with this one from January of 1986:

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