Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introducing Maximumble two-fer

For this week's two-fer Tuesday we'll introduce Maximumble, which is another webcomic by Chris Hallbeck, who also does Book of Biff.  He started this webcomic late last year and so far has done several installments which could be considered map-related... or at least show a clompse of the globe of Earth from space.  Let's have a look see:

 OK, so maybe this isn't Earth so much as a stand-in for Krypton? But it's some rather disturbing humor.

 Actually, that's probably not Earth either. It's just some alien planet getting accidentally toasted by a departing exo-biologist... which is also funny in a sick way.... and, no, I'm not sure why all of these have to do with planetary destruction.

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