Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Libya two-fer Gaddafi

Now is as good a time as any to do a round-up of Libya-related editorial cartoons that included something map-ish.  There's a LOT of them here... and one can see as the nature of the conflict changed over time how the focus of the cartoons generally shifted from "Gaddafi vs. the Arab Spring" to "NATO/Obama/Rebels have no idea what they're doing in Libya" to "So long Gaddafi"... all over th course of about 6 months.  Here goes:

Artist: Ena van Bockel

Earlier in the situation, when the Arab Spring had just begun, many of the cartoons basically just reminded their audiences of Gaddafi's continued presence and his odious hostility towards his subjects..
Artist John Sherffius

Artist: Arend van Dam
Artist: Hassan Bleibel Al-Mustakbal
As the Arab Spring continued and the world began to take more notice of the situation in Libya the cartoons began to look at international involvement.

Artist: Dale Cummings
As the concept of a "no-fly" zone began to be bandied about an incredible number of editorial cartoonists used the Gaddafi-as-fly motif.  Here's a couple that also included maps.

Artist: Stuart Carlson

Artist: John Sherffius
 Of course it didn't always need to be a fly.

Artist: Ena van Bockel

This was during the part of the venture when a group of African leaders went to Libya to try to help sort things out and ended up offering a proposal which seemed to favor Gaddafi
Artist: Godfrey Mwampembwa, aka "Gado"
Don't forget there were other conflicts going on in Africa at the time (map-of-Africa logo on the African Union Commission logo qualifies it for this blog) 

Artist: Chip Bok
I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be Obama... but it's one of the few editorial cartoons that I found that correctly pointed out that this was primarily a British/French-led adventure with the U.S. playing a back-up role.  There were plenty of cartoons, however, that pointed to a selfish, usually oil-based, motive behind NATO's help of the rebels in the conflict.

Artist: Joel Pett
Joel Pett looked at the hypocritical origins and misplaced priorities angle
Artist: Joel Pett
Artist: Marshall Ramsey
 There were also a lot of U.S.-is-overextended cartoons.
Artist: Ed Fischer
Artist: Steve Sack
 There were lots and lots of NATO/Rebels arguing cartoons

Artist: Bas van der Schot

Artist: Tony Auth

Artist: Paresh Nath
... and several "Does NATO/U.S. have any idea what they're doing" cartoons

Artist: Drew Sheneman

Artist: Steve Sack
However, there was also the part of the conflict where Obama was trying to not call the U.S. involvement "war", so as to get around having to ask Congress for permission to act.

Artist: Walt Handelsman
...and reminders that the situation in Libya was part of the larger continuing "Arab Spring".... Summer? ...Fall? Still, I think the changes have been moving a long quite rapidly, all things considered. 

Artist:Christ Grosz
But now it appears that Gaddafi's time is almost up. 

Artist: Mike Thompson
... so it's time for the U.S. public to move on to another topic... although honestly the blame for this attention deficit disorder rests just as squarely upon the popular U.S. news outlets.

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