Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two-fer merit badges

Today's two-fer: merit badges!

The first two are the official Boy Scouts of America merit badges for Geology and Orienteering (i.e. using a compass) respectively. 

There's also the brand-spanking-new-for-2011 merit badge for geocaching:
Then there's the imitators.  First the virtual imitators, from some artwork that ran with a Popular Science article on Five Contests That Recognize The Science Achievements of the Everyman

And then there's the actual imitators:
Nerd Merit Badges that you can actually buy, but are in no way affiliated with the BSA (shown = the BoingBoing merit badge)  They also have a collection of them specifically for Foursquare

And finally, the Fanboy Legion merit badges, also for sale:

I'm sure a quick internet search could find many. many more.

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