Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cosmic Clock from 3-2-1 Contact

This is an animation by Al Jarnow. that I remember from that fantastic pioneering PBS show 3-2-1 Contact. I remember being blown away by this animation.  It blasted open my concept of time and the vast temporal scales in which geology played itself out. It's My memory associates seeing this animation at around the same time I saw Carl Sagan's Cosmos (which you can now watch on Hulu).  Finding old episodes of 3-2-1 Contact is fairly easy too... however it turns out that my favorite geology professor in college, Richard Hazlett, was featured in a 3-2-1 Contact segment on volcanoes.  I remember watching that episode as a kid but I could never have possibly imagined that the guy would ever have been my teacher.  I've tried off and on for years to find that 3-2-1 Contact segment, but I've not been able to.  If anybody out there knows how to get that, or knows somebody who happens to have the entire run of 3-2-1 Contact episodes I'd be thrilled to have an opportunity to find that clip.  It'd mean a lot to me. 

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