Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether part 2

It's time to revisit our friends in the world of Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the ineffable Aether by Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett. I'll post the rest of the first part of the map-related storyline here and then in a little bit I'll post the more recent update:

So where we left off was our intrepid heroine explaining to our new dashing hero about the significance of the map that is central to the plotline:
Chapter 05, Part Thirteen: The MAP

Chapter 05, Part Fourteen: Grand

A few days/months later Marshal Drake wants more answers.  I'm loving the globe in the corner: 
Chapter 07, Part Four: Ample Opportunity

But will he get them?
Chapter 07, Part Six: A Challenge

You'll have to go to the site to see the feisty in-between bits that explain Drake's expression there in panel one.  Sabre can be quite a handful. 
Chapter 07, Part Seven: Buttons

A little later they're under attack by the Iron Crown, commanded by an "old friend" of Sabre's 
Chapter 07, Part Ten: General quarters

This fight could get tricky:
Chapter 08, Part Nine: The QUARTERDECK

We'll get to the next part of the map-related plotline in a bit.

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