Tuesday, July 10, 2012

QR code Two-fer

QR codes!
We've all seen 'em. I'm not sure that we all like 'em. And they all kinda look like malformed  crossword puzzles. 

Some businesses put them on their roofs.... so that ...astronauts can scan them?

Here's the Facebook HQ QR code:

Here's the roof of Phillips & Company... I have no idea what they do, but one could scan the QR code and find out!

However I have to agree with Dave Kellet's Arthur-the-duck in Sheldon about how QR codes seem like a transition technology.... kinda nifty, but in the end off-putting and/or clunky.

And as a bonus, here's a not-map-related-but-still-fun video about how a South Korean company boosted sales with an innovative sundial QR Code:

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