Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bloody Syria two-fer

With conditions in Syria becoming quite thoroughly out of control, here's a round-up of map-of-Syria-based editorial cartoons, mostly from cartoonists in the Middle East (and don't forget the "Why so Syria" t-shirt):
Emad Hajjaj

Hassan Bleibel

This one doesn't use a map of Syria, but rather a globe showing the general area of the Middle East:
Manny Francisco
Am I the only one who think's Assad's neck is freakishly long?
Manny Francisco

Oliver Schopf
I'm pretty sure that burning bus is supposed to be in the shape of Syria. I think this one gets the award for most creative use of the shape of Syria.
Hassan Bleibel

Steve Sack

Chris Grosz

Ena Bockel

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