Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romney two-fer

Today's two-fer is Romney-themed... and two are also vice-presidentially-themed... even possibly Palin-themed (you decide).
The first is by Matt Wuerker commenting on Romney infamous Seamus the dog incident and the GOP's ambivalence towards the Romney nomination inevitability.

This is Matt Wuerker again commenting on either Romney's geographic prowess or his material/realty wealth.  
And because the first one references Palin (and possibly a recent comparison in some media outlet between Romney and Palin) they could both be Palin-related if the woman in the chair might be Palin. This is by Clay Bennett  Notice the map in the background though.  The pins in the map don't mark Alaska, but they do seem to mark South Carolina, where veep short-lister Nikki Haley is governor, so maybe that's who she's supposed to be?  But the other guys there aren't entirely recognizable and don't necessarily match up to the states marked.  Is the guy on the right supposed to be Chris Christie? Is that New Jersey marked on the map?  Is one of the other guy's supposed to be Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty? It does look like Minnesota could be marked.  My best guess for the last one is Indiana's Mitch Daniels.  But there also looks to be a fifth marker on the map that could be South Dakota for John Thune... but there's a fifth marker but not a fifth person... unless the woman holding the straws is also a potential veep and is supposed to be New Mexico's Susana Martinez, but there's no marker on the map for New Mexico.  [Un]Fortunately the veep guessing game will be playing for months so there's plenty of time to keep speculating.

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