Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Climate Change many-fer

Why not do another climate change two-fer?  They're easy enough to come by and frankly no other topic lends itself more ideally to the use of maps in comics.  

The first one is by Paresh Nath of The Khaleej Times in Dubai and is a bit dated as it references the Cancun round of the climate change talks from a few years ago:

The second one is an illustration that accompanied an article in Slate, an online news magazine.  Unfortunately I neglected to note the artist.
There's another one from Slate for a different article (ending fossil fuel subsidies accomplishes half the carbon reductions needed) by artist Robert Neubecker:
Another Slate article illustration (article: it's hard to figure out how much warming will happen). Not sure the artist again, but I think I've posted this artist's work before.

Another Slate article illustration (article: water vapor is biggest global warming culprit), again, artist unknown:

And finally one more Slate article illustration (article: Supreme Court case about global warming)

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