Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Very confusing two-fer

In 2004 I saw this cartoon on the Comics I Don't Understand blog. It was drawn by one Robert Esmay for a strip he called "Case in Point".  The CIDU blog is a place where visitors can submit hard-to-understand comics and the blogger and/or the other visitors can try to explain them
Nobody had the faintest idea what this was about. 

In 2006 Robert Esmay changed the strip to “Days of Thunder” and began to occasionally work under the name “Robert Lovely”. In 2008 this comic showed up on the CIDU blog:

Again, nobody had the faintest idea what this could possibly be about.

But, if you happen to be/know a quirky cartographer named "George", this is the comic for you/him.

If you happen to understand this comic... well I'd love to know the explanation.

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