Monday, October 24, 2011

Spiderman GPS

Oh wow! Spiderman offering a ...reverse blackmailer? ... a better-than-GPS Spidey Tracer (TM).

I always thought Spiderman was cool.  And in general, largely because of Spiderman...(and then Wolverine... and some X-men students... and a great friend from my youth)  I always thought Marvel heroes were better/cooler than DC heroes.  The Superfriends Saturday Morning cartoon didn't help the DC crew for me.  Those shows were deeply lame.  I think I remember seeing one episode that started off with the big name heroes doing a golf charity event. That's just all kinds of wrong. 

So when I started noticing and reading Spiderman in the newspaper when I was smaller I was excited to be able to follow along in his adventures without having to buy comic books (not that I wasn't allowed to have those comic books.  It's just that for some reason I never had the money and/or inclination to go buy some). It took me a while to realize that newspaper Spiderman was mind numbingly dull.  The storylines ran on for weeks... months even. I'd lose interest and then realize I'd missed the exciting climax of the storyline.... until I realized the climactic part of the story wasn't very exciting... partly because it was stretched out over a few weeks.  So I gave up on newspaper Spiderman for a very long time.

Now I only see it as the butt of snarky commentary on The Comics Curmudgeon blog where he shows up regularly as being rather thoroughly inept. And frankly newspaper Spiderman is a lot more interesting this way.  A few months (years?) ago newspaper Spiderman tried a reboot and restarted the storyline with a still-in-high-school (or was it college?) still-living-with-Aunt-May Peter Parker.  Somehow the newspaper Spiderman fans raised enough of a stink to get the old storyline back.  Goodness knows why. 

My question here is what in the world makes the Spidey Tracer (TM) better than GPS?  ... And why would perpetually-worried-about-money-one-trick-pony-print-newspaper-reporter Peter Parker keep such an amazing technology to himself? 

Newspaper Spidey is almost as lame as late-70's-Saturday-morning-cartoon Superfriends.

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