Tuesday, September 10, 2013

IE Countdown

What we have here is a pair of websites from my friend Brian, an original by Microsoft encouraging people to stop using the 12-year-old Internet Explorer 6 and then a parody site that uses the same language to encourage people to stop using Internet Explorer at all.  I agree with the latter. The fact that Microsoft itself posted the first site in all seriousness is kind of surreal.  What does it say about Microsoft that they'd actually do that?  One could turn to the over-used what-if-Microsoft-made-cars meme and make an analogy about what if GM published a website badmouthing their own products of 12 years ago... but car companies just stop making the replacement parts after a while. They don't actively campaign against their own product.

Brian's comment is that "The great part is that the spoof is graphically much better"

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