Wednesday, September 12, 2012

K-T Key Lime Pie

Mike Stanfill's "Far Left Side" webcomic.  This one is very likely to be a CIDU (comics I don't understand) for some people.  It most likely has to do with the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact about 65 million years ago and the factoid that brain damage can cause synesthesia, or in other words, can cause people to smell or taste or see things that aren't there, or that others nearby don't experience.  In entertainment/literature this is typically played to comic effect (one of my favorite examples here).  I know that I've seen pop culture references to victims of head trauma or stroke commenting about smelling burnt toast or tasting key lime pie... and I think that I've seen at least one technology/medical article confirming the same, but I don't know whether I've actually seen that or just think that I have because I've seen the pop culture reference so much.

A specific example of the "key lime pie" pop culture reference showed up in the popular Erfworld webcomic when Lord Manpower the Temporary gets shot in the eye.

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