Friday, September 21, 2012

A Map in the Hat

There's a new series of educational Dr. Suess-licensed books written in Seuss-esque rhyme and all about various subjects of learning and mostly featuring the cast of "The Cat In Hat" books.  I've seen my kids with some of those books from the library.  I didn't know that there was one on maps, but at a recent URISA Young Professionals social I was made aware of it:

Sample page (and a link to its reading):

While I can appreciate this recent tribute to Dr. Seuss, I gotta say the original Cat in the Hat was very much more subversive than this incarnation... and the Things were outright anarchic, certainly not well-behaved helpers. Would it have been possible to write these books more in that style? Like for starters ditch Earth and set the entire thing in an aggressively psychedelic geography. If overt learning must be accomplished, then at least squeeze the cast themselves through the 2D-3D geodetic transformations.  And get them hopelessly, even dangerously lost as quickly as possible.

To finish off this post, and because I can't help myself, I'll also post this link to a Cat in the Hat parody image (available as a T-shirt):

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