Monday, February 13, 2012

Hark! A map

It's time to introduce a new webcomic ... new to this blog that is. Hark! A Vagrant is a rather well-established and I dare say successful webcomic by Kate Beaton ... who I didn't realize had been featured in this blog before in a New Yorker cartoon. Why does this comic qualify?  See panel 11 below (click on the image to make it larger, easier to read). While I generally like Hark! A Vagrant, I haven't been following it much at all.  But I gotta say, my brain is convinced the name "Hark! A Vagrant" is an anagram and every time I visit the site it starts furiously spinning gears in a futile attempt at figuring it out... futile because I'm not very good at anagrams... and because it isn't one.

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