Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Redistricting two-fer

'Tis the season of redistricting.  There's a great guy, John Milem, up in my neck of the woods who was recently recognized for his volunteer work on the redistricting in Washington State. So today is a redistricting-themed two-fer in honor of him and to recognize that the redistricting battles in the states around this Union are winding down (either the states have their redistricting done or, if they don't, the court battles begin).  There are some promising signs that with the burgeoning digital cartographic tools available so much more broadly to so many more people the days of the gerrymander may be numbered.

Please, if you've see any more redistricting cartoons let me know.

This one is by Jeff Parker, noting the struggles Florida is having with redistricting:

This bit of cartographic poetry is from Tom Toles:

Also, this is the first cartoon in this blog to specifically feature Maryland so that brings our total of states mentioned to 29.  I suspect that this primary season will be perfect for collecting several more state-map-themed cartoons.  Let me know if you find any.

Here's some links to previous redistricting-themed map-related cartoons:
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