Friday, July 8, 2011

Google mapped

Everybody recognizes this as a place marker from Google Maps.  This would be a thoroughly awesome "attract peoples' attention" product for business subscribers/participants of Google Places to use.  I'd recommend that Google have a bunch of these made using the pop-up-tent technology or (more frustratingly, but still gets-the-job-done) the same wires/pop-up system many fold-up sunscreens-for-windshields-in-cars use.  Or, actually, given the considerations for wind, these giant Google Maps markers would have to be more secure like the banner-flag things many businesses already use.

...unless, of course, Bing Maps or Mapquest can do it first... but I just don't think their map markers are as recognizable?

Does this count as an IRL "You are here" gag?

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