Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flag maps two-fer

Here is a map of the world made out of flags. Each flag is scaled to match the size of the nation it represents.  There are many versions of this on the internet.  Most of them cut out the flags to be the shape of the nations they represent.  I like this one the best because it includes the official flag for Antarctica:

There's others, of course, which are specific to the United States, showing the states as their respective maps:

Oh, wait! That's not it.  This is a map showing the states as the flags of the various nations around the world that have similar-sized populations (so please no trolling from any of you Texans thinking I'm confusing y'all with North Korea). This is from (among other places) the Strange Maps blog's post on this subject.  That Strange Maps blog post also links to several other maps showing US states (and other things) labeled (not with flags) of nations that have similar numbers for various statistics. 

No, here's the actual state-flag-map of the United States (is it me or is there a LOT of blue in state flags?):

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