Friday, October 8, 2010

German Shepherds

Remember back in 2005 when Germany had their "hanging chad" moment and had to sort out a deeply divided general election?  Those were the days, eh? Merkel confusing gross and net income twice in a televised debate, Schröder ... being Schröder.  Good times. Good times.  Anyway, there was no clear winner in the 2005 general elections in Germany, both leading candidates claimed victory, and they eventually had to make a joint Grand Coalition government, which didn't always see eye-to-eye.

More importantly (for the purposes of this blog) by the time that situation happened, GPS had become such a massively pervasive technology that this editorial cartoon could comfortably reference it as a standard part of the popular culture lexicon.  That's fairly impressive for a technology that had only been commercially available for about 15 years and had only hit consumer-grade electronics about 5 years earlier.

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