Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is another fun episode of Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson. I found this particular item funny for 2 reasons (which are actually the same reason from 2 different perspectives):

  1. I went to elementary school in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.  During that time it was in a rapid growth phase.  Every year it seemed there were another crop of portable classrooms going up at every school. Towards the end of my senior year I found out that there were about 6,000 people moving in to the city every month.  The school district didn't have a prayer of keeping up with that pace.
  2. Just a few years ago I was working on a project that involved finding up-to-date maps of school attendance boundaries, i.e. maps that showed which school a child would attend based on where they lived.  It was very hard to find school districts that had such maps.  Clark County School District had them, which is where las Vegas is.  Those maps were being updated online every week.  
So there could be more truth to Petey's dilemma here than his mother realizes.

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