Friday, September 19, 2014

Together forever?

In the spirit of results of the momentous vote about secession for Scotland being published today, here's a map of countries (or "countries") created with secessionist votes:

And here's a map of what Europe might look like if all the other secessionist agitators got their way:

And here's a map of what the good ol' US of A might look like if all the secessionist groups in the US got their way... assuming, as is the case for most of them, that they merely want to secede from the other states to which they currently belong, not from the Union itself (as some seem to).  I like that it includes parts of what are currently northern Mexico.  I like that solution for the issues with the southern border security far better than any silly wall,  I also like the prospects of Puerto Rico, Guam, and even Cuba as states... but that smells of empire.  Is it empire if those places ask to join the Union (as Puerto Rico already has) ... or would that be "asking" like how Hawaii "asked" to join (not).

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