Saturday, August 24, 2013


Again, South America getting short shrift by its North American sibling in this t-shirt design from Busted Tees. Poor South America
Only Be One - BustedTees - Image 0

This cartoon is from a typically contrarian article from that I don't agree with even if it is written tongue-in-cheek. I recognize that there's a lot of cartoons on this blog that seem to show South America getting the raw end of the stick and I can see the humor in that. But US citizens' assumed monopoly on the term American is hubristic.  I recognize the ungainliness of the alternatives proffered and how difficult it would be to formulate one that could catch on.  The extreme idealist in me imagines a way that the entire hemisphere could come together in a way that unites the entire political construct into a single entity, whether it be a non-imperialistic expanded United States of America or some other arrangement that honors the cultures and histories of all hemispheric American peoples in a sociopolitical mechanism that serves this half of the planet. But in the meantime I've long stopped using the term American to refer to US citizens.
I'm from America. Stop Complaining, South America.

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