Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Swingin' Ohio

We'll do a couple weeks of election round up in the Tuesday two-fers.  The first set is a collection generally about swing states but specifically about Ohio.  I want to start, however, with a pair that features a number of states that I'm going to count on our list of states specifically featured/mentioned on the blog. The first shows several of the swing states. The only one that is recognizable that we haven't posted yet is Colorado... and given that Colorado didn't even get featured during the Aurora shootings this may be the closest we'll get:

Daryl Cagle

 The next is a collection of envious anthropomorphic states who are getting sick of Ohio.  Here we'll get Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, and Oklahoma clearly recognizable.  That only leaves nine states that we haven't posted about yet: Alabama, Delaware, Missouri, North Carolina, both Dakotas, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia.  Which one do you think will be last?
Jeff Koterba

Jimmy Margulies

Jeff Darcy

Joe Heller

Nate Beeler

Kirk Walters

Daryl Cagle

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