Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Travelling Salesman two-fer

While there are still a lot more items to post about the Apple Maps troubles, we'll take a break from that this week and post a two-fer from everybody's favorite science/math/tech themed webcomic: xkcd by  Randall Munroe.  Today's two-fer has to do with the "travelling salesman" problem which is a central component of geospatial network and logistics analysis.   
The connection to mapping in this first example is relatively obvious as the representation of the problem is roughly the shape of the U.S.A.  http://xkcd.com/399/

The "title-text" at the actual webcomic says:
What's the complexity class of the best linear programming cutting-plane techniques? I couldn't find it anywhere. Man, the Garfield guy doesn't have these problems ...

The second one is more about just the traveling salesman problem as applied to relationships. Title text:  
It's like the traveling salesman problem, but the endpoints are different and you can't ask your friends for help because they're sitting three seats down.

I originally meant to post this one to tie into the xkcd comic.  It's from Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal (click on it to make it big enough to read):

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